Package org.teiid.adminapi

Interface Summary
Admin Marker interface for all MetaMatrix administration - core.
AdminObject Base interface of client side admin objects.
AdminOptions.OnConflict In the case when adding resource to the system, if the resource already exists in the system, these modes define how to handle the situation.
Cache Represents a cache in the MetaMatrix system.
ConfigurationAdmin This interface describes the methods to configure Teiid.
ConnectionPool This object holds the statistics for a ConnectionPool that is being utilized by a Connector.
ConnectorBinding Represents a connector binding (the instance of a connector type) in the MetaMatrix system.
ConnectorType Represents a connector type in the MetaMatrix system.
EmbeddedLogger Custom logging interface that provides a hook for custom implementations to log messages produced by MM Query.
ExtensionModule An extension module is a library (usually in jar format) that extends the MetaMatrix system in some way.
Group This interface is used to represent a group of principals.
LogConfiguration The LogConfiguration describes the current configuration of the system logger.
Model Represents a metadata model in the MetaMatrix system.
MonitoringAdmin Used to access the monitorable components of the Teiid system.
ProcessObject A Process in the Teiid System
PropertyDefinition Information about a property of an AdminObject
QueueWorkerPool All server modules use queue based processing inside them.
Request When a user submits a SQL command to the system for processing, usually that represents a single request.
RuntimeStateAdmin This interface defines the methods to interact with the Teiid system during runtime.
SecurityAdmin This interface defines the methods available for security administration in the Teiid system.
Session A Session is a lasting connection between a client and a MetaMatrix System.
VDB Represents a Virtual Database in the MetaMatrix system.

Class Summary
AdminOptions Creates, collects and stores option values for evaluation when executing methods where decisions should be made based on user preferences.
AdminRoles Static class that lists the roles allowable in the MetaMatrix system.
AdminRoles.RoleName Static class that defines defines the allowed administrative roles for the MetaMatrix system.

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
AdminComponentException An AdminComponentException is thrown when an error occurs as a result of an internal component error.
AdminException AdminException is the base exception for the admin package.
AdminProcessingException An AdminProcessingException indicates that an error occured during processing as a result of user input.

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