Package org.teiid.connector.api

Interface Summary
Connection Represents a connection to this connector.
Connector The primary entry point for a Connector.
ConnectorCapabilities Allows a connector to specify the capabilities that a connector supports.
ConnectorEnvironment The environment provided to a connector by the Connector Manager.
ConnectorIdentity Represents the identity of a connection in the pool.
ConnectorLogger Provide access to write messages to the MetaMatrix logs.
Execution An execution represents the state and lifecycle for a particular command execution.
ExecutionContext The security context provides information about the user context in which this query is being run.
ProcedureExecution The procedure execution represents the case where a connector can execute a IProcedure.
ResultSetExecution Defines an execution for IQueryCommands and IProcedures that returns a resultset, which is represented through the iterator method
UpdateExecution The update execution represents the case where a connector can execute an IInsert, IUpdate, IDelete, or IBatchedUpdates command.

Class Summary
CredentialMap Allows credentials to be passed on a per user basis to a connector.
MappedUserIdentity This class represents a ConnectorIdentity keyed on a username with a mapped identity
SingleIdentity This class represents a single ConnectorIdentity.
SourceSystemFunctions Constants for all the possible standard system push down functions.

Enum Summary
CacheScope Cache Scope REQUEST - Items placed in this scope are retained until the end of the top level request.

Exception Summary
ConnectorException An exception the connector writer can return in case of an error while using the connector.
DataNotAvailableException Used by asynch connectors to indicate data is not available and results should be polled for after the given delay.

Annotation Types Summary
ConnectorAnnotations.ConnectionPooling The Pooling Annotation can be used to enable/suppress automatic pooling.

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