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Uses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.mysql

Subclasses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.mysql
 class BitFunctionModifier

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Subclasses of FunctionModifier in
 class ConcatFunctionModifier
          This Function modifier used to support ANSI concat on Oracle 9i.
 class DayWeekQuarterFunctionModifier
          This a method for multiple use.
 class LeftOrRightFunctionModifier
          Convert left(string, count) --> substr(string, 1, count) or right(string, count) --> substr(string, -1 * count) - we lack a way to express a unary negation
 class Log10FunctionModifier
 class MonthOrDayNameFunctionModifier
          Convert the MONTHNAME etc.
 class OracleSpatialFunctionModifier

Uses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.sybase

Subclasses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.sybase
 class SubstringFunctionModifier
          Common logic for Substring modifiers requiring 3 parameters

Uses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.translator

Subclasses of FunctionModifier in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.translator
 class AliasModifier
 class ConvertModifier
          Base class for handling the convert function.
static class ConvertModifier.FormatModifier
 class EscapeSyntaxModifier
          Wrap a function in standard JDBC escape syntax.
 class ExtractFunctionModifier
          Convert the YEAR/MONTH/DAY etc.
 class LocateFunctionModifier
          A modifier class that can be used to translate the scalar function locate(search_string, source_string) and locate(search_string, source_string, start_index) to a function or expression that can be used at the data source.
 class ModFunctionModifier
          Adds mod (remainder) support for non-integral types

Methods in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.translator that return types with arguments of type FunctionModifier
 java.util.Map<java.lang.String,FunctionModifier> Translator.getFunctionModifiers()
          Return a map of function name in lower case to FunctionModifier.

Methods in org.teiid.connector.jdbc.translator with parameters of type FunctionModifier
 void ConvertModifier.addConvert(int sourceType, int targetType, FunctionModifier convert)
 void ConvertModifier.addSourceConversion(FunctionModifier convert, int... sourceType)
 void ConvertModifier.addTypeConversion(FunctionModifier convert, int... targetType)
 void Translator.registerFunctionModifier(java.lang.String name, FunctionModifier modifier)
          Add the FunctionModifier to the set of known modifiers.

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