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Getting Started Guide

Version: 3.3.0.Beta1

1. Installation Instructions
1.1. Installing JBoss Tools Plugins
1.2. Usage Reporting
1.2.1. Collected usage information guide
2. JBoss Central
2.1. Getting Started with JBoss Central
2.2. Software installation and updates from within JBoss Central
2.3. Project Example Installation
3. JBoss Perspective
4. Setting up a JBoss runtime and managing the server
4.1. Adding and configuring a JBoss server runtime
4.2. Starting JBoss Server
4.3. Stopping the JBoss Server
4.4. Server Container Preferences
5. Developing a simple JSP web application
5.1. Setting Up the Project
5.2. Creating JSP Page
5.2.1. Editing a JSP Page
5.2.2. web.xml file
5.2.3. Deploying the project
5.2.4. JSP Page Preview
5.2.5. Launch JSP Project
6. Rapid Application Development of a JSF application
6.1. Setting up the project
6.2. Creating JSP Pages
6.3. Creating Transition between two views
6.4. Creating Resource File
6.5. Creating a Java Bean
6.6. Editing faces-config.xml File
6.7. Editing the JSP View Files
6.7.1. Editing inputnumber.jsp page
6.7.2. Editing success.jsp page
6.8. Creating index.jsp page
6.9. Running the Application
7. Uninstalling the JBoss Developer Studio
8. FAQ
8.1. What should I do if the Visual Page Editor does not start under Linux
8.2. Visual Editor starts OK, but the Missing Natures dialog appears
8.3. I have an existing Seam 1.2.1 project. Can I migrate or import the project into a JBoss Developer Studio Seam project?
8.4. I have an existing Struts or JSF project. Can I open the project in JBoss Developer Studio?
8.5. Can I import a WAR file?
8.6. Is it possible to increase the performance of Eclipse after installing your product?
8.7. How can I add my own tag library to the JBoss Tools Palette?
8.8. How to get Code Assist for Seam specific resources in an externally generated project?
8.9. How to import an example Seam project from jboss-eap directory?
8.10. Is a cross-platform project import possible for JBoss Developer Studio?
9. Further Reading