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Chapter 2. Creating a Simple Struts Application

2.1. Starting Up
2.2. Creating the Application Components
2.2.1. Creating JSP Page Placeholders
2.2.2. Creating an Action Mappings
2.2.3. Creating a Link
2.2.4. Creating a Forward
2.2.5. Creating a Global Forward
2.2.6. Creating a Form Bean

Firstly, we assume that you have already launched Eclipse with JBoss Tools installed and also that the Web Development perspective is the current perspective. (If not, make it active by selecting WindowOpen PerspectiveOtherWeb Development from the menu bar.)

We are first going to create a new project for the application.

A "StrutsHello" node should appear in the Package Explorer view.

At this point, its empty except for the background grid lines.

Now, we will design the application by creating the individual components as placeholders first. (We don't have to complete all of the details inside the components until afterwards.)

Next, let's create and place two JSP pages. We will not write anything more than basic template code for the files; they will serve only as placeholders so that we can create links to them in the diagram. We will write some custom code a little bit later.