Package org.jboss.arquillian.spi

Interface Summary
ApplicationArchiveGenerator Class responsible for creating the ApplicationArchive.
ApplicationArchiveProcessor Extension point for client side deployment enhancements.
AuxiliaryArchiveAppender SPI used for modules who need to add classes/resources to the deployed archive.
AuxiliaryArchiveProcessor Extension point to alter system defined deployments.
ContainerMethodExecutor RemoteMethodExecutor A Generic way to execute a in-container/remotely deployed test case.
DeployableContainer DeployableContainer
DeploymentPackager Extension point for the DeployableContainer to prepare the Archives for deployment.
ServiceLoader ServiceLoader
TestEnricher TestEnricher
TestMethodExecutor TestMethodExecutor
TestResult A test result which may be serialized for communicate between client and server
TestRunner TestRunner A Generic way to start the test framework.

Enum Summary
TestResult.Status The test status

Exception Summary
DeploymentException DeploymentException
LifecycleException LifecycleException