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Configure and launch AMI

If you're not already familiar with Amazon's EC2 service, read the Amazon EC2 Getting Started Guide because it contains information you will need to ensure a successful deployment. In particular, you'll need to know how to:

Supported instance types

JBoss Cloud Access supports a subset of the instance types available on Amazon EC2, details of which are available in the Amazon EC2 User Guide. Choose from the following instance types according to your current and likely future workload:

  • Standard Instance

  • High Memory Instance

  • High CPU Instance

The instance type "Micro (t1.micro)" is not suitable for deployment of JBoss Enterprise Application Platform.

Deploy the Amazon Machine Image

Red Hat's AMIs are identified by their AMI Name which is formatted as: OperatingSystemVersion-JBossProduct-Architecture-CreationDate. When searching for the required AMI, you can make the search criteria either general - e.g. "JBEAP" - or specific - "RHEL-6.2-JBEAP-5.1.2-x86_64".

  1. Sign into the AWS Management Console at http://aws.amazon.com/console/;

  2. Select the Amazon EC2 tab at the top of the page;

  3. In the Navigation pane, click on "AMIs" in the Images category;

  4. In the Amazon Machine Images pane, select "All Images" and "Red Hat" in the "Viewing" drop-down lists;

  5. In the "Viewing" search box enter your search criteria;

  6. Click on the line containing the desired AMI;

  7. Click 'Launch';

  8. Complete the "Instance Details" and click 'Continue';

  9. Complete the "Advanced Instance Options" and click 'Continue';

  10. Add any tags required and click 'Continue';

  11. Choose an existing key pair or create a new key pair, then click 'Continue';

  12. Choose the appropriate Security Group, then click 'Continue';

  13. Click 'Launch';

  14. Click 'Close' when notified "Your instances are now launching."

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