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Needed - Auto Import of managed servers

In AS7 it is possible to create and start new servers by just adding them to a server-group on a specific host.
After this is done, the plugin container logic will (hopefully (1)) trigger a runtime scan to detect this new server.

Now the new server sits in the Autodiscovery portlet for the user to import (2). This means for the user that he needs to go to the AD-portlet, import it and then go back to where he was before.

I suggest adding a property to the plugin descriptor

   <server name="ManagedAS"
  1. Scans for services are triggered, but am not sure about servers

  2. It would be cool if the UI could show an overlay banner at the top if there is something waiting for input. User could then click on it to get to the Discovery Queue portlet or click on [x] to dismiss.

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