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RHQ-Metrics or Metrics as as Service or Charting as a Service

The idea is to create a "Metrics subsystem", that can be used by RHQ / JON as well as other systems like EAP, Fabric8 and so on.

It is composed of two general parts:

as seen in this drawing:


The drawing does not (yet) show the final architecture, as some parts may need to be more tied to individual C* cluster instances, while others are more provided by a more central/common service.

== Display

Here we will create AngularJS directives, that can be used to talk to the backend service (and also other services that use the same API) and which will then graph the data for one or more metrics over a (given) period of time. If no time range is supplied, a default of last 8h will be used.

== Storage

The storage system itself consists of a few parts

There will be several ways to use the service:

Internally the data stored is a triple (metric-id, long timestamp, double value)

  • Is double the right data type?

  • How do we want to represent the metric-id internally? int?

=== REST-Api

The REST-Api will need endpoints to support the "native encoding" of metrics by default; transport encoding is JSON, other encodings like XML or Yaml should be supported as well

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