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Release Notes 4.14

RHQ 4.14

This is the RHQ 4.14 release. This is mostly a bug fix release over RHQ 4.13

Upgrade note

RHQ 4.13 update process (and thus the RHQ 4.14 one has changed from previous versions. Follow the instructions given after the update command has been run, to complete the update of the storage node schema. If you're updating from older version than 4.12, please also check the instructions and notes given in the 4.12 release notes.

Please note

RHQ 4.14 is recommended with Java7, and also supports Java6.

Before we come to new features and changes, let's talk about the

Current status and future of RHQ

RHQ development by the RHQ core team has been slowed down, as the core team of is now working on Hawkular (http://hawkular.org/). As you can see from the list of bugs fixed below, the development did not come to a stand still. Nevertheless, you should not expect many changes going forward.

We are though interested in contributions and are more than happy to create new releases post RHQ 4.14. Without community contributions, 4.14 will most probably the last release.


New Features and Changes (since RHQ 4.13 )

Support for Wildfly 9+10

WildFly 10 application server is a successor of AS7 and WildFly 8 with some changes in internal components (e.g. around Messaging). This release supports some of the changed components, but not all new subsystems since AS7.

Known Issues

Cannot use rhqctl install option "--start"

You cannot use "rhqctl install --start" when installing. The RHQ Server fails to reload itself during the installation process when you do this. Instead, execute "install" separate from "start" - as an example: rhqctl install && rhqctl start

[BZ 1118411] ERROR message logged during storage schema upgrade should be INFO level

[BZ 1118445] Resource for metrics_index table needs to be removed from inventory as part of upgrade

Deprecations in RHQ 4.13


  • BundleDestination.{g|s}etDestinationBaseDirectoryName() use {s|g}etDestinationSpecificationName instead.

  • ResourceTypeBundleConfiguration.setBundleConfiguration use the provided type-safe modification methods provided in the class instead.

  • ResourceTypeBundleConfiguration.getBundleDestinationBaseDirectories() use getBundleDestinationSpecifications instead.

  • ResourceTypeBundleConfiguration.addBundleDestinationBaseDirectory(String, String, String, String) use addBundleDestinationBaseDirectory(String, String, String, String, java.util.List)} instead.

  • BundleDeployRequest.{g|s}etAbsoluteDestinationDirectory() use {g|s}etDestinationTarget() instead.

  • BundlePurgeRequest.{g|s}etAbsoluteDestinationDirectory() use {g|s}etDestinationTarget() instead.

  • BundleManagerBean.createBundleVersion() use one of the create(Initial)BundleVersionVia* methods instead.


  • MeasurementOOBComposite.setData use setDataMin(double) and setDataMax(double) instead.


  • WebConnectorComponent in as7 plugin, you can use the BaseComponent instead.

  • PostgresServerComponent.getObjectProperty() in Postgres plugin.

...and some constants for named queries on domain objects, but it shouldn't hurt anyone.

API changes



The GWT part of the UI has partially been translated into German, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Czech, Russian and Korean. The language should be automatically selected depending on your browser settings. You can explicitly access other translations by appending a locale specifier in the URL. For example to select the German translation you would append ?locale=de to the base URL, e.g. http://localhost:7080/coregui/?locale=de.

Supported locales are:

  • zh for Chinese partial

  • cs for Czech partial

  • de for German full

  • ja for Japanese full

  • pt for Portuguese partial

  • ko for Korean partial

Please ping us if you want to help translating the UI to your language. Translations are done via the translations project on GitHub, which also has some instructions on how to start.

Bug reporting

Please report all bugs you find in Bugzilla. If you find a bug that has been recorded in the above list, please leave a comment on them especially if this needs special steps to reproduce.

List of resolved Bugzilla entries

Please consult Bugzilla with a target release of RHQ 4.14 for a list of resolved issues


You can download the release here
A video of the install procedure can be found here


RHQ 4.13 is now also available as a Docker image. Check out this link for the image and information on how to use it:
repo: https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/rhqproject/rhq-nodb/

New Project Website

Hosting by GitHub and Jekyll, we accept pull requests on gh-pages branch.


Commit log (since RHQ_4_13_0 )

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