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RHQ 4.9

Design - Operations GUI

Scheduler Widget

  • new shared GWT widget that will allow user to define a schedule for some action - user can choose to specify schedule using either a multi-field form or a cron-syntax entry (see attached PDF for the mockups from UXD)

  • to support this we will need some new Trigger POJOs that will live in core-domain - we cannot use the Quartz trigger classes as portal-war does, because they would need to be gwt-compiled, and we don't want to go there

    • the Trigger POJOs would be used by new OperationsManager SLSB methods - e.g. scheduleOperationForResource(int resourceId, String operationName, Configuration operationParams, String notes, Trigger trigger)

Abstract Base Classes for Operations Schedule and History DataSources and Views

  • to be subclassed for both Resource and Group Operations impl classes

Resource Operations Tab

Schedule subtab

  • currently JSF iframe

  • will consist of 2 parts - scheduled operation list view and schedule new operation details view

  • new operations detail view

    • everything will be on a single page

    • will have a pulldown menu with operation names at top of page - when an operation is selected, its description and parameters (config editor) will be displayed just below the pulldown menu

    • below the operation name/dsc/params will be the schedule form, which will make use of the new scheduler widget

    • at the very bottom will be the Save, Reset?, and Cancel buttons - these will be anchored at the bottom (i.e. they won't scroll vertically with the rest of the view)

  • details view for an existing scheduled operation will not be supported in this first pass, but we hope to add that later

History subtab

  • already ported to GWT, but details view doesn't work - need to fix that

  • also look for bugs in the list view and fix any I find

Group Operations Tab

Schedule subtab

  • currently JSF iframe

  • same as Resource subtab, except support for selecting serial versus parallel, as well as ordering if serial

  • any other differences?

History subtab

  • currently JSF iframe

  • same as Resource subtab, except support for drilling down on operation results for each member of the group

  • any other differences?


  • we may want to add a relation between a schedule and a Set of history items, so we can display that correlation in the GUI

  • Joe, Mazz - what else have I missed?

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