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RHQ 4.9

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On this page you will find a link to download the latest and greatest release of RHQ. For installation documentation, see the Installation Guide.

As of Dec 2009, the Jopr project, which added additional plugins for JBoss middleware management to RHQ, has been merged into RHQ.

RHQ 4.9.0

Released September 11th, 2013

RHQ 4.8.0

Released June 25th, 2013

RHQ 4.7.0

Released May 7th, 2013

RHQ 4.6.0

Released February 26th, 2013

RHQ 4.5.1

Released October 4th, 2012

RHQ 4.5.0 was released on September 27th, 2012 and was pulled as it contained two severe flaws.

RHQ 4.4

Released May 9th, 2012

RHQ 4.3

Released Mar 7th, 2012

RHQ 4.2

Released Oct 31th, 2011

RHQ 4.1

Released Sept 2nd, 2011

RHQ 4.0.1

Released May 23rd, 2011

Downloads of older releases can be found here.

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