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Packages that use AnnotatedType
javax.enterprise.inject.spi The portable extension integration SPI. 

Uses of AnnotatedType in javax.enterprise.inject.spi

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi that return AnnotatedType
<T> AnnotatedType<T>
BeanManager.createAnnotatedType(java.lang.Class<T> type)
          Obtain an AnnotatedType that may be used to read the annotations of the given class or interface.
 AnnotatedType<X> ProcessManagedBean.getAnnotatedBeanClass()
          Returns the AnnotatedType representing the bean class.
 AnnotatedType<X> ProcessInjectionTarget.getAnnotatedType()
          Returns the AnnotatedType representing the managed bean class, session bean class or other Java EE component class supporting injection.
 AnnotatedType<X> ProcessAnnotatedType.getAnnotatedType()
          Returns the AnnotatedType object that will be used by the container to read the declared annotations.
 AnnotatedType<X> AnnotatedMember.getDeclaringType()
          Get the type which declares this member.

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi with parameters of type AnnotatedType
 void BeforeBeanDiscovery.addAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType<?> type)
          Adds a given AnnotatedType to the set of types which will be scanned during bean discovery.
<T> InjectionTarget<T>
BeanManager.createInjectionTarget(AnnotatedType<T> type)
          Obtains an InjectionTarget for the given AnnotatedType.
 void ProcessAnnotatedType.setAnnotatedType(AnnotatedType<X> type)
          Replaces the AnnotatedType.

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