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Packages that use Annotated
javax.enterprise.inject.spi The portable extension integration SPI. 

Uses of Annotated in javax.enterprise.inject.spi

Subinterfaces of Annotated in javax.enterprise.inject.spi
 interface AnnotatedCallable<X>
           Represents a callable member of a Java type.
 interface AnnotatedConstructor<X>
           Represents a constructor of a Java class.
 interface AnnotatedField<X>
           Represents a field of a Java class.
 interface AnnotatedMember<X>
           Represents a member of a Java type.
 interface AnnotatedMethod<X>
           Represents a method of a Java type.
 interface AnnotatedParameter<X>
           Represents a parameter of a method or constructor.
 interface AnnotatedType<X>
           Represents a Java class or interface.

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi that return Annotated
 Annotated ProcessBeanAttributes.getAnnotated()
 Annotated ProcessBean.getAnnotated()
          Returns the AnnotatedType representing the bean class, the AnnotatedMethod representing the producer method, or the AnnotatedField representing the producer field.
 Annotated InjectionPoint.getAnnotated()
          Obtain an instance of AnnotatedField or AnnotatedParameter, depending upon whether the injection point is an injected field or a constructor/method parameter.

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