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Packages that use AnnotatedMember
javax.enterprise.inject.spi The portable extension integration SPI. 

Uses of AnnotatedMember in javax.enterprise.inject.spi

Subinterfaces of AnnotatedMember in javax.enterprise.inject.spi
 interface AnnotatedCallable<X>
           Represents a callable member of a Java type.
 interface AnnotatedConstructor<X>
           Represents a constructor of a Java class.
 interface AnnotatedField<X>
           Represents a field of a Java class.
 interface AnnotatedMethod<X>
           Represents a method of a Java type.

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi that return AnnotatedMember
 AnnotatedMember<T> ProcessProducer.getAnnotatedMember()
          Returns the AnnotatedField representing the producer field or the AnnotatedMethod representing the producer method.

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi with parameters of type AnnotatedMember
 BeanAttributes<?> BeanManager.createBeanAttributes(AnnotatedMember<?> type)
          Obtains a BeanAttributes for the given AnnotatedType.

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