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Packages that use InjectionPoint
javax.enterprise.inject.spi The portable extension integration SPI. 

Uses of InjectionPoint in javax.enterprise.inject.spi

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi that return InjectionPoint
 InjectionPoint BeanManager.createInjectionPoint(AnnotatedField<?> field)
          Obtains a container provided implementation of InjectionPoint for the given AnnotatedField.
 InjectionPoint BeanManager.createInjectionPoint(AnnotatedParameter<?> parameter)
          Obtains a container provided implementation of InjectionPoint for the given AnnotatedParameter.
 InjectionPoint ProcessInjectionPoint.getInjectionPoint()
 InjectionPoint EventMetadata.getInjectionPoint()
          Get the InjectionPoint representing the injected Event instance which fired the event, or null if it was fired from BeanManager.fireEvent(Object, Annotation...);

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi that return types with arguments of type InjectionPoint
 java.util.Set<InjectionPoint> Producer.getInjectionPoints()
           Returns the set of all InjectionPoints.
 java.util.Set<InjectionPoint> Bean.getInjectionPoints()
          Obtains the InjectionPoint objects representing injection points of the bean, that will be validated by the container at initialization time.

Methods in javax.enterprise.inject.spi with parameters of type InjectionPoint
 java.lang.Object BeanManager.getInjectableReference(InjectionPoint ij, CreationalContext<?> ctx)
           Obtains an injectable reference for a certain injection point.
 void ProcessInjectionPoint.setInjectionPoint(InjectionPoint injectionPoint)
          Replaces the InjectionPoint.
 void BeanManager.validate(InjectionPoint injectionPoint)
          Validate a certain injection point.

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