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Chapter 2. Spring Integration

2.1. Integration with Drools Expert
2.1.1. Define a Resource
2.1.2. Event Listeners

In this section we will explain the drools namespace.

Execution nodes are a context to regsiter ksessions and kbases against for lookup.

A Knowledge Base has a 0..n resources. Has two nested elements, resources and configuratoins. Thoe resources can be inner elements or references, using the "ref" attribute.

Drools supports adding 3 types of listeners to KnowledgeSessions - AgendaListener, WorkingMemoryListener, ProcessEventListener

The drools-spring module allows you to configure these listeners to KnowledgeSessions using XML tags. These tags have identical names as the actual listener interfaces i.e., <drools:agendaEventListener....>, <drools:workingMemoryEventListener....> and <drools:processEventListener....>.

drools-spring provides features to define the listeners as standalone (individual) listeners and also to define them as a group.

drools-spring allows for grouping of listeners. This is particularly useful when you define a set of listeners and want to attach them to multiple sessions. The grouping feature is also very useful, when we define a set of listeners for 'testing' and then want to swtich them for 'production' use.