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Chapter 15. Integration

15.1. Overview
15.2. Persistent storage
15.2.1. Database: JPA and Hibernate
15.2.2. XML: XStream
15.2.3. XML: JAXB
15.3. SOA and ESB
15.3.1. Camel and Karaf
15.4. Other environments
15.4.1. OSGi
15.4.2. Android

OptaPlanner's input and output data (the planning problem and the best solution) are plain old JavaBeans (POJO's), so integration with other Java technologies is straightforward. For example:

Camel is an enterprise integration framework which includes support for OptaPlanner (starting from Camel 2.13). It can expose OptaPlanner as a REST service, a SOAP service, a JMS service, ...

Read the documentation for the camel-optaplanner component. That component works in Karaf too.