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Interface FeasibilityScore<S extends FeasibilityScore>

All Superinterfaces:
Comparable<S>, Score<S>
All Known Implementing Classes:
BendableBigDecimalScore, BendableScore, HardMediumSoftLongScore, HardMediumSoftScore, HardSoftBigDecimalScore, HardSoftDoubleScore, HardSoftLongScore, HardSoftScore

public interface FeasibilityScore<S extends FeasibilityScore>
extends Score<S>

A Score that supports isFeasible(). Most Score implementations implement this interface (including HardSoftScore, except for SimpleScore variants.

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Method Summary
 boolean isFeasible()
          A Solution is feasible if it has no broken hard constraints.
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add, divide, isCompatibleArithmeticArgument, multiply, negate, power, subtract, toLevelNumbers
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Method Detail


boolean isFeasible()
A Solution is feasible if it has no broken hard constraints.

true if the hard score(s) is 0 or higher

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