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Chapter 62. TransactionService

62.1. Base information
62.2. Existing TransactionService implementations
62.2.1. JOTM in standalone mode
62.2.2. Generic TransactionService based on the TransactionManagerLookup of JBoss Cache
62.2.3. Specific GenericTransactionService for JBoss Cache and Arjuna
62.2.4. Generic TransactionService based on the TransactionManagerLookup of Infinispan
62.2.5. Specific GenericTransactionService for Infinispan and Arjuna
62.2.6. A very specific TransactionService for JBoss AS
62.2.7. TransactionsEssentials in standalone mode

TransactionServices provides access to the TransactionManager and the UserTransaction (See JTA specification for details).

eXo JCR proposes out of the box several implementations, they all implement the abstract class org.exoplatform.services.transaction.impl.AbstractTransactionService. This main class implement the biggest part of all the methods proposed by the TransactionService. For each sub-class of AbstractTransactionService, you can set the transaction timeout by configuration using the value parameter timeout that is expressed in seconds.