Interface EntityRegion

All Superinterfaces:
Region, TransactionalDataRegion
All Known Implementing Classes:
EntityRegionAdapter, EntityRegionImpl, EntityRegionImpl

public interface EntityRegion
extends TransactionalDataRegion

Defines the contract for a cache region which will specifically be used to store entity data.

Steve Ebersole

Method Summary
 EntityRegionAccessStrategy buildAccessStrategy(AccessType accessType)
          Build an access strategy for the requested access type.
Methods inherited from interface org.hibernate.cache.TransactionalDataRegion
getCacheDataDescription, isTransactionAware
Methods inherited from interface org.hibernate.cache.Region
contains, destroy, getElementCountInMemory, getElementCountOnDisk, getName, getSizeInMemory, getTimeout, nextTimestamp, toMap

Method Detail


EntityRegionAccessStrategy buildAccessStrategy(AccessType accessType)
                                               throws CacheException
Build an access strategy for the requested access type.

accessType - The type of access strategy to build; never null.
The appropriate strategy contract for accessing this region for the requested type of access.
CacheException - Usually indicates mis-configuration.

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