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org.hibernate.cfg This package defines APIs for configuring Hibernate, and classes for building the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 

Uses of Mappings in org.hibernate.cfg

Subinterfaces of Mappings in org.hibernate.cfg
 interface ExtendedMappings
          Allow annotation related mappings

at least for named generators


Classes in org.hibernate.cfg that implement Mappings
protected  class AnnotationConfiguration.ExtendedMappingsImpl
protected  class Configuration.MappingsImpl
          Internal implementation of the Mappings interface giving access to the Configuration's internal metadata repository state (Configuration.classes, Configuration.tables, etc).

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg that return Mappings
 Mappings Configuration.createMappings()
          Create a new Mappings to add class and collection mappings to.

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type Mappings
static void HbmBinder.bindAny(org.dom4j.Element node, Any any, boolean isNullable, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindArray(org.dom4j.Element node, Array array, String prefix, String path, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Called for arrays and primitive arrays
static void HbmBinder.bindClass(org.dom4j.Element node, PersistentClass persistentClass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindCollection(org.dom4j.Element node, Collection collection, String className, String path, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Called for all collections
static void HbmBinder.bindCollectionSecondPass(org.dom4j.Element node, Collection collection, Map persistentClasses, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Called for all collections
static void HbmBinder.bindColumns(org.dom4j.Element node, SimpleValue simpleValue, boolean isNullable, boolean autoColumn, String propertyPath, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindComponent(org.dom4j.Element node, Component component, String ownerClassName, String parentProperty, String path, boolean isNullable, boolean isEmbedded, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas, boolean isIdentifierMapper)
static void HbmBinder.bindComposite(org.dom4j.Element node, Component component, String path, boolean isNullable, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindCompositeId(org.dom4j.Element node, Component component, PersistentClass persistentClass, String propertyName, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindIdentifierCollectionSecondPass(org.dom4j.Element node, IdentifierCollection collection, Map persistentClasses, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindJoinedSubclass(org.dom4j.Element node, JoinedSubclass joinedSubclass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindListSecondPass(org.dom4j.Element node, List list, Map classes, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Called for Lists, arrays, primitive arrays
static void HbmBinder.bindManyToOne(org.dom4j.Element node, ManyToOne manyToOne, String path, boolean isNullable, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindMapSecondPass(org.dom4j.Element node, Map map, Map classes, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Called for Maps
static void HbmBinder.bindOneToMany(org.dom4j.Element node, OneToMany oneToMany, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindOneToOne(org.dom4j.Element node, OneToOne oneToOne, String path, boolean isNullable, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindProperty(org.dom4j.Element node, Property property, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindRoot(org.dom4j.Document doc, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          The main contract into the hbm.xml-based binder.
static void HbmBinder.bindRootClass(org.dom4j.Element node, RootClass rootClass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
          Responsible for perfoming the bind operation related to an <class/> mapping element.
static void HbmBinder.bindSimpleValue(org.dom4j.Element node, SimpleValue simpleValue, boolean isNullable, String path, Mappings mappings)
static void HbmBinder.bindSubclass(org.dom4j.Element node, Subclass subclass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
static void HbmBinder.bindUnionSubclass(org.dom4j.Element node, UnionSubclass unionSubclass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
protected static ResultSetMappingDefinition ResultSetMappingBinder.buildResultSetMappingDefinition(org.dom4j.Element resultSetElem, String path, Mappings mappings)
          Build a ResultSetMappingDefinition given a containing element for the "return-XXX" elements
protected static void HbmBinder.createClassProperties(org.dom4j.Element node, PersistentClass persistentClass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas)
protected static void HbmBinder.createClassProperties(org.dom4j.Element node, PersistentClass persistentClass, Mappings mappings, Map inheritedMetas, UniqueKey uniqueKey, boolean mutable, boolean nullable, boolean naturalId)
static String HbmBinder.getClassName(String unqualifiedName, Mappings model)
static String HbmBinder.getEntityName(org.dom4j.Element elem, Mappings model)
static List HbmBinder.getExtendsNeeded(org.dom4j.Document doc, Mappings mappings)
          For the given document, locate all extends attributes which refer to entities (entity-name or class-name) not defined within said document.

Constructors in org.hibernate.cfg with parameters of type Mappings
CollectionSecondPass(Mappings mappings, Collection collection)
CollectionSecondPass(Mappings mappings, Collection collection, Map inheritedMetas)
NamedSQLQuerySecondPass(org.dom4j.Element queryElem, String path, Mappings mappings)
ResultSetMappingSecondPass(org.dom4j.Element element, String path, Mappings mappings)

Uses of Mappings in org.hibernate.junit.functional

Methods in org.hibernate.junit.functional with parameters of type Mappings
 void FunctionalTestCase.afterConfigurationBuilt(Mappings mappings, Dialect dialect)
 void ExecutionEnvironment.Settings.afterConfigurationBuilt(Mappings mappings, Dialect dialect)

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