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Packages that use Query
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.classic This package implements backward-compatibility with Hibernate 2.1 APIs now deprecated in Hibernate3. 
org.hibernate.engine This package contains classes that are "shared" by other packages, and implementations of some key algorithms.   
org.hibernate.impl This package contains implementations of the central Hibernate APIs, especially the Hibernate session. 

Uses of Query in org.hibernate

Subinterfaces of Query in org.hibernate
 interface SQLQuery
          Allows the user to declare the types and select list injection points of all entities returned by the query.

Methods in org.hibernate that return Query
 Query Session.createFilter(Object collection, String queryString)
          Create a new instance of Query for the given collection and filter string.
 Query StatelessSession.createQuery(String queryString)
          Create a new instance of Query for the given HQL query string.
 Query Session.createQuery(String queryString)
          Create a new instance of Query for the given HQL query string.
 Query StatelessSession.getNamedQuery(String queryName)
          Obtain an instance of Query for a named query string defined in the mapping file.
 Query Session.getNamedQuery(String queryName)
          Obtain an instance of Query for a named query string defined in the mapping file.
 Query Query.setBigDecimal(int position, BigDecimal number)
 Query Query.setBigDecimal(String name, BigDecimal number)
 Query Query.setBigInteger(int position, BigInteger number)
 Query Query.setBigInteger(String name, BigInteger number)
 Query Query.setBinary(int position, byte[] val)
 Query Query.setBinary(String name, byte[] val)
 Query Query.setBoolean(int position, boolean val)
 Query Query.setBoolean(String name, boolean val)
 Query Query.setByte(int position, byte val)
 Query Query.setByte(String name, byte val)
 Query Query.setCacheable(boolean cacheable)
          Enable caching of this query result set.
 Query Query.setCacheMode(CacheMode cacheMode)
          Override the current session cache mode, just for this query.
 Query Query.setCacheRegion(String cacheRegion)
          Set the name of the cache region.
 Query Query.setCalendar(int position, Calendar calendar)
 Query Query.setCalendar(String name, Calendar calendar)
 Query Query.setCalendarDate(int position, Calendar calendar)
 Query Query.setCalendarDate(String name, Calendar calendar)
 Query Query.setCharacter(int position, char val)
 Query Query.setCharacter(String name, char val)
 Query Query.setComment(String comment)
          Add a comment to the generated SQL.
 Query Query.setDate(int position, Date date)
 Query Query.setDate(String name, Date date)
 Query Query.setDouble(int position, double val)
 Query Query.setDouble(String name, double val)
 Query Query.setEntity(int position, Object val)
          Bind an instance of a mapped persistent class to a JDBC-style query parameter.
 Query Query.setEntity(String name, Object val)
          Bind an instance of a mapped persistent class to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setFetchSize(int fetchSize)
          Set a fetch size for the underlying JDBC query.
 Query Query.setFirstResult(int firstResult)
          Set the first row to retrieve.
 Query Query.setFloat(int position, float val)
 Query Query.setFloat(String name, float val)
 Query Query.setFlushMode(FlushMode flushMode)
          Override the current session flush mode, just for this query.
 Query Query.setInteger(int position, int val)
 Query Query.setInteger(String name, int val)
 Query Query.setLocale(int position, Locale locale)
 Query Query.setLocale(String name, Locale locale)
 Query Query.setLockMode(String alias, LockMode lockMode)
          Set the lockmode for the objects idententified by the given alias that appears in the FROM clause.
 Query Query.setLockOptions(LockOptions lockOptions)
          Set the lock options for the objects idententified by the given alias that appears in the FROM clause.
 Query Query.setLong(int position, long val)
 Query Query.setLong(String name, long val)
 Query Query.setMaxResults(int maxResults)
          Set the maximum number of rows to retrieve.
 Query Query.setParameter(int position, Object val)
          Bind a value to a JDBC-style query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameter(int position, Object val, Type type)
          Bind a value to a JDBC-style query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameter(String name, Object val)
          Bind a value to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameter(String name, Object val, Type type)
          Bind a value to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameterList(String name, Collection vals)
          Bind multiple values to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameterList(String name, Collection vals, Type type)
          Bind multiple values to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameterList(String name, Object[] vals)
          Bind multiple values to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameterList(String name, Object[] vals, Type type)
          Bind multiple values to a named query parameter.
 Query Query.setParameters(Object[] values, Type[] types)
          Bind values and types to positional parameters.
 Query Query.setProperties(Map bean)
          Bind the values of the given Map for each named parameters of the query, matching key names with parameter names and mapping value types to Hibernate types using hueristics.
 Query Query.setProperties(Object bean)
          Bind the property values of the given bean to named parameters of the query, matching property names with parameter names and mapping property types to Hibernate types using hueristics.
 Query Query.setReadOnly(boolean readOnly)
          Set the read-only/modifiable mode for entities and proxies loaded by this Query.
 Query Query.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer transformer)
          Set a strategy for handling the query results.
 Query Query.setSerializable(int position, Serializable val)
 Query Query.setSerializable(String name, Serializable val)
 Query Query.setShort(int position, short val)
 Query Query.setShort(String name, short val)
 Query Query.setString(int position, String val)
 Query Query.setString(String name, String val)
 Query Query.setText(int position, String val)
 Query Query.setText(String name, String val)
 Query Query.setTime(int position, Date date)
 Query Query.setTime(String name, Date date)
 Query Query.setTimeout(int timeout)
          Set a timeout for the underlying JDBC query.
 Query Query.setTimestamp(int position, Date date)
 Query Query.setTimestamp(String name, Date date)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.classic

Methods in org.hibernate.classic that return Query
 Query Session.createSQLQuery(String sql, String[] returnAliases, Class[] returnClasses)
          Deprecated. will be replaced with a more Query like interface in later release
 Query Session.createSQLQuery(String sql, String returnAlias, Class returnClass)
          Deprecated. will be replaced with a more Query like interface in later release

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.ejb

Methods in org.hibernate.ejb that return Query
 Query QueryImpl.getHibernateQuery()
 Query HibernateQuery.getHibernateQuery()

Constructors in org.hibernate.ejb with parameters of type Query
QueryImpl(Query query, AbstractEntityManagerImpl em)
QueryImpl(Query query, AbstractEntityManagerImpl em, Map<String,Class> namedParameterTypeRedefinitions)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.engine

Methods in org.hibernate.engine that return Query
 Query SessionImplementor.getNamedQuery(String name)
          Get a Query instance for a named query or named native SQL query
 Query SessionImplementor.getNamedSQLQuery(String name)
          Get a Query instance for a named native SQL query

Uses of Query in

Methods in with parameters of type Query
 void QueryParameterData.setParameterValue(Query query)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation.lazy

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation.lazy that return Query
 Query AbstractDelegateSessionImplementor.getNamedQuery(String name)
 Query AbstractDelegateSessionImplementor.getNamedSQLQuery(String name)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation.query

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper.relation.query that return Query
 Query TwoEntityQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)
 Query TwoEntityOneAuditedQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)
 Query ThreeEntityQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)
 Query RelationQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)
 Query OneEntityQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)
 Query OneAuditEntityQueryGenerator.getQuery(AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader, Object primaryKey, Number revision)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.envers.query.impl

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.query.impl with parameters of type Query
protected  void AbstractAuditQuery.setQueryProperties(Query query)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.envers.revisioninfo

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.revisioninfo that return Query
 Query RevisionInfoQueryCreator.getRevisionDateQuery(Session session, Number revision)
 Query RevisionInfoQueryCreator.getRevisionNumberForDateQuery(Session session, Date date)
 Query RevisionInfoQueryCreator.getRevisionQuery(Session session, Number revision)

Uses of Query in org.hibernate.impl

Classes in org.hibernate.impl that implement Query
 class AbstractQueryImpl
          Abstract implementation of the Query interface.
 class CollectionFilterImpl
          implementation of the Query interface for collection filters
 class QueryImpl
          default implementation of the Query interface, for "ordinary" HQL queries (not collection filters)
 class SQLQueryImpl
          Implements SQL query passthrough.

Methods in org.hibernate.impl that return Query
 Query SessionImpl.createFilter(Object collection, String queryString)
 Query SessionImpl.createQuery(String queryString)
 Query AbstractSessionImpl.createQuery(String queryString)
 Query SessionImpl.createSQLQuery(String sql, String[] returnAliases, Class[] returnClasses)
 Query SessionImpl.createSQLQuery(String sql, String returnAlias, Class returnClass)
 Query SessionImpl.getNamedQuery(String queryName)
 Query AbstractSessionImpl.getNamedQuery(String queryName)
 Query AbstractSessionImpl.getNamedSQLQuery(String queryName)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBigDecimal(int position, BigDecimal number)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBigDecimal(String name, BigDecimal number)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBigInteger(int position, BigInteger number)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBigInteger(String name, BigInteger number)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBinary(int position, byte[] val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBinary(String name, byte[] val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBoolean(int position, boolean val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setBoolean(String name, boolean val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setByte(int position, byte val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setByte(String name, byte val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCacheable(boolean cacheable)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCacheMode(CacheMode cacheMode)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCacheRegion(String cacheRegion)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCalendar(int position, Calendar calendar)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCalendar(String name, Calendar calendar)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCalendarDate(int position, Calendar calendar)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCalendarDate(String name, Calendar calendar)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCharacter(int position, char val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCharacter(String name, char val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setCollectionKey(Serializable collectionKey)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setComment(String comment)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setDate(int position, Date date)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setDate(String name, Date date)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setDouble(int position, double val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setDouble(String name, double val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setEntity(int position, Object val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setEntity(String name, Object val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setFetchSize(int fetchSize)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setFirstResult(int firstResult)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setFloat(int position, float val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setFloat(String name, float val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setFlushMode(FlushMode flushMode)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setInteger(int position, int val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setInteger(String name, int val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setLocale(int position, Locale locale)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setLocale(String name, Locale locale)
 Query SQLQueryImpl.setLockMode(String alias, LockMode lockMode)
 Query QueryImpl.setLockMode(String alias, LockMode lockMode)
 Query SQLQueryImpl.setLockOptions(LockOptions lockOptions)
 Query QueryImpl.setLockOptions(LockOptions lockOption)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setLong(int position, long val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setLong(String name, long val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setMaxResults(int maxResults)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(int position, Object val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(int position, Object val, Type type)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(String name, Object val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameter(String name, Object val, Type type)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameterList(String name, Collection vals)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameterList(String name, Collection vals, Type type)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameterList(String name, Object[] vals)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameterList(String name, Object[] vals, Type type)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setParameters(Object[] values, Type[] types)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setProperties(Map map)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setProperties(Object bean)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setReadOnly(boolean readOnly)
          Set the read-only/modifiable mode for entities and proxies loaded by this Query.
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setResultTransformer(ResultTransformer transformer)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setSerializable(int position, Serializable val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setSerializable(String name, Serializable val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setShort(int position, short val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setShort(String name, short val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setString(int position, String val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setString(String name, String val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setText(int position, String val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setText(String name, String val)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setTime(int position, Date date)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setTime(String name, Date date)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setTimeout(int timeout)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setTimestamp(int position, Date date)
 Query AbstractQueryImpl.setTimestamp(String name, Date date)

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