Interface FunctionExpression<T>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of the function result.
All Superinterfaces:
javax.persistence.criteria.Expression<T>, javax.persistence.criteria.Selection<T>, TupleElement<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbsFunction, AggregationFunction, AggregationFunction.AVG, AggregationFunction.COUNT, AggregationFunction.GREATEST, AggregationFunction.LEAST, AggregationFunction.MAX, AggregationFunction.MIN, AggregationFunction.SUM, BasicFunctionExpression, CastFunction, CurrentDateFunction, CurrentTimeFunction, CurrentTimestampFunction, LengthFunction, LocateFunction, LowerFunction, ParameterizedFunctionExpression, SqrtFunction, SubstringFunction, TrimFunction, UpperFunction

public interface FunctionExpression<T>
extends javax.persistence.criteria.Expression<T>

Contract for expressions which model a SQL function call.

Steve Ebersole

Method Summary
 String getFunctionName()
          Retrieve the name of the function.
 boolean isAggregation()
          Is this function a value aggregator (like a COUNT or MAX function e.g.)?
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.criteria.Expression
as, in, in, in, in, isNotNull, isNull
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.criteria.Selection
alias, getCompoundSelectionItems, isCompoundSelection
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.TupleElement
getAlias, getJavaType

Method Detail


String getFunctionName()
Retrieve the name of the function.

The function name.


boolean isAggregation()
Is this function a value aggregator (like a COUNT or MAX function e.g.)?

True if this functions does aggregation.

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