Package org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.predicate

Class Summary
AbstractPredicateImpl Basic template support for Predicate implementors providing expression handling, negation and conjunction/disjunction handling.
AbstractSimplePredicate TODO : javadoc
BetweenPredicate<Y> Models a BETWEEN Predicate.
BooleanAssertionPredicate Predicate to assert the explicit value of a boolean expression: x = true x = false x <> true x <> false
BooleanExpressionPredicate Defines a Predicate used to wrap an Expression<Boolean>.
BooleanStaticAssertionPredicate Predicate used to assert a static boolean condition.
ComparisonPredicate Models a basic relational comparison predicate.
CompoundPredicate A compound predicate is a grouping of other predicates in order to convert either a conjunction (logical AND) or a disjunction (logical OR).
ExistsPredicate Models an EXISTS() predicate
ExplicitTruthValueCheck ANSI-SQL defines TRUE, FALSE and UNKNOWN as truth values.
InPredicate<T> Models an [NOT] IN restriction
IsEmptyPredicate<C extends Collection> Models an IS [NOT] EMPTY restriction
LikePredicate Models a SQL LIKE expression.
MemberOfPredicate<E,C extends Collection<E>> Models an [NOT] MEMBER OF restriction
NullnessPredicate Defines a Predicate for checking the nullness state of an expression, aka an IS [NOT] NULL predicate.

Enum Summary
ComparisonPredicate.ComparisonOperator Defines the comparison operators.
TruthValue Models what ANSI-SQL terms a truth value.

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