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Packages that use LobCreator
org.hibernate This package defines the central Hibernate APIs. 
org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types. 

Uses of LobCreator in org.hibernate

Methods in org.hibernate that return LobCreator
static LobCreator Hibernate.getLobCreator(Session session)
static LobCreator Hibernate.getLobCreator(SessionImplementor session)

Uses of LobCreator in org.hibernate.engine.jdbc

Classes in org.hibernate.engine.jdbc that implement LobCreator
 class AbstractLobCreator
          Convenient base class for proxy-based LobCreator for handling wrapping.
 class ContextualLobCreator
          LobCreator implementation using contextual creation against the JDBC Connection class's LOB creation methods.
 class NonContextualLobCreator
          LobCreator implementation using non-contextual or local creation, meaning that we generate the LOB references ourselves as opposed to delegating to the JDBC Connection.

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.jdbc that return LobCreator
 LobCreator JdbcSupportImpl.getLobCreator()
          Creates an instance of a LobCreator that does not use the underlying JDBC Connection to create LOBs.
 LobCreator JdbcSupport.getLobCreator()
          Deprecated. Use JdbcSupport.getLobCreator(LobCreationContext) instead.
 LobCreator JdbcSupportImpl.getLobCreator(LobCreationContext lobCreationContext)
 LobCreator JdbcSupport.getLobCreator(LobCreationContext lobCreationContext)
          Create an instance of a LobCreator appropriate for the current envionment, mainly meant to account for variance between JDBC 4 (<= JDK 1.6) and JDBC3 (>= JDK 1.5).

Uses of LobCreator in org.hibernate.type

Methods in org.hibernate.type with parameters of type LobCreator
 Clob ClobType.get(ResultSet rs, String name, LobCreator lobCreator)
 Object BlobType.get(ResultSet rs, String name, LobCreator lobCreator)

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