Package org.hibernate.envers.configuration.metadata

Class Summary
AuditEntityNameRegister A register of all audit entity names used so far.
AuditTableData Holds information necessary to create an audit table: its name, schema and catalog, as well as the audit entity name.
BasicMetadataGenerator Generates metadata for basic properties: immutable types (including enums).
CollectionMetadataGenerator Generates metadata for a collection-valued property.
ComponentMetadataGenerator Generates metadata for components.
IdMetadataGenerator Generates metadata for primary identifiers (ids) of versions entities.
MetadataTools.ColumnNameIterator An iterator over column names.
QueryGeneratorBuilder Builds query generators, for reading collection middle tables, along with any related entities.
ToOneRelationMetadataGenerator Generates metadata for to-one relations (reference-valued properties).

Enum Summary

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