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Packages that use SimpleMapperBuilder

Uses of SimpleMapperBuilder in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper

Subinterfaces of SimpleMapperBuilder in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper
 interface CompositeMapperBuilder
 interface ExtendedPropertyMapper

Classes in org.hibernate.envers.entities.mapper that implement SimpleMapperBuilder
 class ComponentPropertyMapper
 class MultiPropertyMapper
 class SinglePropertyMapper
          TODO: diff
 class SubclassPropertyMapper
          A mapper which maps from a parent mapper and a "main" one, but adds only to the "main".

Uses of SimpleMapperBuilder in

Subinterfaces of SimpleMapperBuilder in
 interface SimpleIdMapperBuilder

Classes in that implement SimpleMapperBuilder
 class AbstractCompositeIdMapper
 class EmbeddedIdMapper
 class MultipleIdMapper
 class SingleIdMapper

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