Uses of Interface

Packages that use QueryTranslatorFactory
org.hibernate.cfg This package defines APIs for configuring Hibernate, and classes for building the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 
org.hibernate.hql.ast An ANTLR-based parser for Hibernate Query Language. 
org.hibernate.hql.classic This package contains the Hibernate 2.x query parser which is being end-of-lifed. 

Uses of QueryTranslatorFactory in org.hibernate.cfg

Methods in org.hibernate.cfg that return QueryTranslatorFactory
protected  QueryTranslatorFactory SettingsFactory.createQueryTranslatorFactory(Properties properties)
 QueryTranslatorFactory Settings.getQueryTranslatorFactory()

Uses of QueryTranslatorFactory in org.hibernate.hql.ast

Classes in org.hibernate.hql.ast that implement QueryTranslatorFactory
 class ASTQueryTranslatorFactory
          Generates translators which uses the Antlr-based parser to perform the translation.

Uses of QueryTranslatorFactory in org.hibernate.hql.classic

Classes in org.hibernate.hql.classic that implement QueryTranslatorFactory
 class ClassicQueryTranslatorFactory
          Generates translators which uses the older hand-written parser to perform the translation.

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