Interface Summary
AccessCallback Contract for providing callback access to a DatabaseStructure, typically from the Optimizer.
DatabaseStructure Encapsulates definition of the underlying data structure backing a sequence-style generator.
Optimizer Performs optimization on an optimizable identifier generator.
OptimizerFactory.InitialValueAwareOptimizer Marker interface for optimizer which wish to know the user-specified initial value.

Class Summary
OptimizerFactory Factory for OptimizerFactory.InitialValueAwareOptimizer instances.
OptimizerFactory.HiLoOptimizer Optimizer which applies a 'hilo' algorithm in memory to achieve optimization.
OptimizerFactory.NoopOptimizer An optimizer that performs no optimization.
OptimizerFactory.OptimizerSupport Common support for optimizer implementations.
OptimizerFactory.PooledOptimizer Optimizer which uses a pool of values, storing the next low value of the range in the database.
SequenceStructure Describes a sequence.
SequenceStyleGenerator Generates identifier values based on an sequence-style database structure.
TableGenerator An enhanced version of table-based id generation.
TableStructure Describes a table used to mimic sequence behavior

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