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Packages that use Return
org.hibernate.loader.custom This package defines a framework for custom loaders that accept handwritten SQL 

Uses of Return in org.hibernate.loader.custom

Classes in org.hibernate.loader.custom that implement Return
 class CollectionFetchReturn
          Spefically a fetch return that refers to a collection association.
 class CollectionReturn
          Represents a return which names a collection role; it is used in defining a custom query for loading an entity's collection in non-fetching scenarios (i.e., loading the collection itself as the "root" of the result).
 class EntityFetchReturn
          Spefically a fetch return that refers to an entity association.
 class FetchReturn
          Represents a return which names a fetched association.
 class NonScalarReturn
          Represents some non-scalar (entity/collection) return within the query result.
 class RootReturn
          Represents a return which names a "root" entity.
 class ScalarReturn
          Represent a scalar (aka simple value) return within a query result.

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