Package org.hibernate.persister.collection

This package abstracts the persistence mechanism for collections.


Interface Summary
CollectionPersister A strategy for persisting a collection role.
QueryableCollection A collection role that may be queried or loaded by outer join.

Class Summary
AbstractCollectionPersister Base implementation of the QueryableCollection interface.
BasicCollectionPersister Collection persister for collections of values and many-to-many associations.
CollectionPropertyNames The names of all the collection properties.
NamedQueryCollectionInitializer A wrapper around a named query.
OneToManyPersister Collection persister for one-to-many associations.

Package org.hibernate.persister.collection Description

This package abstracts the persistence mechanism for collections.

Concrete implementations of CollectionPersister define strategies for persistence of particular collection roles. Collection persisters may optionally implement QueryableCollection if they should be queryable using HQL or loaded using OuterJoinLoader.

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