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Packages that use JNDITransactionManagerLookup
org.hibernate.transaction This package abstracts the underlying transaction mechanism (JTA or JDBC) and provides strategies for obtaining application server TransactionManagers. 

Uses of JNDITransactionManagerLookup in org.hibernate.transaction

Subclasses of JNDITransactionManagerLookup in org.hibernate.transaction
 class BESTransactionManagerLookup
          A TransactionManager lookup strategy for Borland ES.
 class JBossTransactionManagerLookup
          A TransactionManagerLookup lookup strategy for JBoss AS.
 class JRun4TransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManagerLookup strategy for JRun4 AS
 class OC4JTransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManagerLookup for the OC4J (Oracle) AS.
 class OrionTransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManagerLookup strategy for Orion
 class ResinTransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManagerLookup strategy for Resin
 class SunONETransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManagerLookup strategy for Sun ONE Application Server 7 and above
 class WeblogicTransactionManagerLookup
          TransactionManager lookup strategy for WebLogic

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