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Packages that use UserType
org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types. 
org.hibernate.usertype Interfaces for user-defined custom types. 

Uses of UserType in org.hibernate.envers.entities

Classes in org.hibernate.envers.entities that implement UserType
 class RevisionTypeType
          A hibernate type for the RevisionType enum.

Uses of UserType in org.hibernate.type

Classes in org.hibernate.type that implement UserType
 class CharacterArrayClobType
          Map a Character[] to a Clob Experimental
 class EnumType
          Enum type mapper Try and find the appropriate SQL type depending on column metadata

TODO implements readobject/writeobject to recalculate the enumclasses

 class PrimitiveCharacterArrayClobType
          Map a char[] to a Clob
 class StringClobType
          Deprecated. replaced by Hibernate Core's MaterializedClobType

Methods in org.hibernate.type that return UserType
 UserType CustomType.getUserType()

Uses of UserType in org.hibernate.usertype

Subinterfaces of UserType in org.hibernate.usertype
 interface EnhancedUserType
          A custom type that may function as an identifier or discriminator type, or may be marshalled to and from an XML document
 interface UserVersionType
          A user type that may be used for a version property

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