Uses of Class

Packages that use PropertyGeneration
org.hibernate.mapping This package defines the Hibernate configuration-time metamodel. 

Uses of PropertyGeneration in org.hibernate.mapping

Fields in org.hibernate.mapping declared as PropertyGeneration
static PropertyGeneration PropertyGeneration.ALWAYS
          Values for this property are generated by the database on both insert and update.
static PropertyGeneration PropertyGeneration.INSERT
          Values for this property are generated by the database on insert.
static PropertyGeneration PropertyGeneration.NEVER
          Values for this property are never generated by the database.

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping that return PropertyGeneration
 PropertyGeneration Property.getGeneration()
static PropertyGeneration PropertyGeneration.parse(String name)

Methods in org.hibernate.mapping with parameters of type PropertyGeneration
 void Property.setGeneration(PropertyGeneration generation)

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