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org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types. 
org.hibernate.type.descriptor.sql Defines handling of the standard JDBC-defined types, as declared by Types

Uses of WrapperOptions in org.hibernate.type

Methods in org.hibernate.type with parameters of type WrapperOptions
protected  T AbstractStandardBasicType.nullSafeGet(ResultSet rs, String name, WrapperOptions options)
protected  void AbstractStandardBasicType.nullSafeSet(PreparedStatement st, Object value, int index, WrapperOptions options)

Uses of WrapperOptions in org.hibernate.type.descriptor

Methods in org.hibernate.type.descriptor with parameters of type WrapperOptions
 void ValueBinder.bind(PreparedStatement st, X value, int index, WrapperOptions options)
          Bind a value to a prepared statement.
 X ValueExtractor.extract(ResultSet rs, String name, WrapperOptions options)
          Extract value from result set

Uses of WrapperOptions in

Methods in with parameters of type WrapperOptions
<X> X
BigDecimalTypeDescriptor.unwrap(BigDecimal value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
BigIntegerTypeDescriptor.unwrap(BigInteger value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
          Unwrap an instance of our handled Java type into the requested type.
<X> X
BlobTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Blob value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
BooleanTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Boolean value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
PrimitiveByteArrayTypeDescriptor.unwrap(byte[] value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
ByteArrayTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Byte[] value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
ByteTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Byte value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
CalendarTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Calendar value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
CalendarDateTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Calendar value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
PrimitiveCharacterArrayTypeDescriptor.unwrap(char[] value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
CharacterArrayTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Character[] value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
CharacterTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Character value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
ClassTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Class value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
ClobTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Clob value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
CurrencyTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Currency value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
JdbcTimestampTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Date value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
JdbcTimeTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Date value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
JdbcDateTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Date value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
DateTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Date value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
DoubleTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Double value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
FloatTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Float value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
IntegerTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Integer value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
LocaleTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Locale value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
LongTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Long value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
ShortTypeDescriptor.unwrap(Short value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
StringTypeDescriptor.unwrap(String value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
SerializableTypeDescriptor.unwrap(T value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
JavaTypeDescriptor.unwrap(T value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
          Unwrap an instance of our handled Java type into the requested type.
<X> X
TimeZoneTypeDescriptor.unwrap(TimeZone value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
UrlTypeDescriptor.unwrap(URL value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
<X> X
UUIDTypeDescriptor.unwrap(UUID value, Class<X> type, WrapperOptions options)
UrlTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
UUIDTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> TimeZone
TimeZoneTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> String
StringTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Short
ShortTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> T
SerializableTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> char[]
PrimitiveCharacterArrayTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> byte[]
PrimitiveByteArrayTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Long
LongTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Locale
LocaleTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Date
JdbcTimestampTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Date
JdbcTimeTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Date
JdbcDateTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> T
JavaTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
          Wrap a value as our handled Java type.
<X> Integer
IntegerTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Float
FloatTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Double
DoubleTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Date
DateTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Currency
CurrencyTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Clob
ClobTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Class
ClassTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Character
CharacterTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Character[]
CharacterArrayTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Calendar
CalendarTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Calendar
CalendarDateTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Byte
ByteTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Byte[]
ByteArrayTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Boolean
BooleanTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> Blob
BlobTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
<X> BigInteger
BigIntegerTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)
          Wrap a value as our handled Java type.
<X> BigDecimal
BigDecimalTypeDescriptor.wrap(X value, WrapperOptions options)

Uses of WrapperOptions in org.hibernate.type.descriptor.sql

Methods in org.hibernate.type.descriptor.sql with parameters of type WrapperOptions
 void BasicBinder.bind(PreparedStatement st, J value, int index, WrapperOptions options)
          Bind a value to a prepared statement.
protected abstract  void BasicBinder.doBind(PreparedStatement st, J value, int index, WrapperOptions options)
          Perform the binding.
protected abstract  J BasicExtractor.doExtract(ResultSet rs, String name, WrapperOptions options)
          Perform the extraction.
 J BasicExtractor.extract(ResultSet rs, String name, WrapperOptions options)
          Extract value from result set

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