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org.hibernate.type A Hibernate Type is a strategy for mapping a Java property type to a JDBC type or types.   

Uses of MutabilityPlan in org.hibernate.type

Methods in org.hibernate.type that return MutabilityPlan
protected  MutabilityPlan<T> AdaptedImmutableType.getMutabilityPlan()
protected  MutabilityPlan<T> AbstractStandardBasicType.getMutabilityPlan()

Uses of MutabilityPlan in

Classes in that implement MutabilityPlan
 class ArrayMutabilityPlan<T>
          A mutability plan for arrays.
static class BlobTypeDescriptor.BlobMutabilityPlan
static class CalendarTypeDescriptor.CalendarMutabilityPlan
static class ClobTypeDescriptor.ClobMutabilityPlan
static class DateTypeDescriptor.DateMutabilityPlan
 class ImmutableMutabilityPlan<T>
          Mutability plan for immutable objects
static class JdbcDateTypeDescriptor.DateMutabilityPlan
static class JdbcTimestampTypeDescriptor.TimestampMutabilityPlan
static class JdbcTimeTypeDescriptor.TimeMutabilityPlan
 class MutableMutabilityPlan<T>
          Mutability plan for mutable objects
static class SerializableTypeDescriptor.SerializableMutabilityPlan<S extends Serializable>

Methods in that return MutabilityPlan
 MutabilityPlan<T> JavaTypeDescriptor.getMutabilityPlan()
          Retrieve the mutability plan for this Java type.
 MutabilityPlan<T> AbstractTypeDescriptor.getMutabilityPlan()
          Retrieve the mutability plan for this Java type.

Constructors in with parameters of type MutabilityPlan
AbstractTypeDescriptor(Class<T> type, MutabilityPlan<T> mutabilityPlan)
          Initialize a type descriptor for the given type.

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