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Packages that use Executable

Uses of Executable in org.hibernate.action.internal

Classes in org.hibernate.action.internal that implement Executable
 class BulkOperationCleanupAction
          An ActionQueue Executable for ensuring shared cache cleanup in relation to performed bulk HQL queries.
 class CollectionAction
          Any action relating to insert/update/delete of a collection
 class CollectionRecreateAction
 class CollectionRemoveAction
 class CollectionUpdateAction
 class EntityAction
          Base class for actions relating to insert/update/delete of an entity instance.
 class EntityDeleteAction
 class EntityIdentityInsertAction
 class EntityInsertAction
 class EntityUpdateAction

Uses of Executable in org.hibernate.engine.spi

Methods in org.hibernate.engine.spi with parameters of type Executable
 void ActionQueue.execute(Executable executable)

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