Uses of Class

Packages that use Entity
org.hibernate.test.annotations.entity Test package for metatata facilities It contains an example of filter metadata 

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations

Constructors in org.hibernate.cfg.annotations with parameters of type Entity
EntityBinder(Entity ejb3Ann, Entity hibAnn, org.hibernate.annotations.common.reflection.XClass annotatedClass, PersistentClass persistentClass, Mappings mappings)

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.ejb.test.cascade

Classes in org.hibernate.ejb.test.cascade with annotations of type Entity
 class Conference
 class ExtractionDocument
 class ExtractionDocumentInfo

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.test.annotations.embedded.one2many

Classes in org.hibernate.test.annotations.embedded.one2many with annotations of type Entity
 class Alias
          TODO : javadoc

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.test.annotations.entity

Classes in org.hibernate.test.annotations.entity with annotations of type Entity
 class Forest
          Use hibernate specific annotations
 class ZipCode

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.test.annotations.persister

Classes in org.hibernate.test.annotations.persister with annotations of type Entity
 class Card
 class Deck

Uses of Entity in org.hibernate.test.annotations.polymorphism

Classes in org.hibernate.test.annotations.polymorphism with annotations of type Entity
 class Car
 class SportCar

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