Interface LazyPropertyInitializer

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractEntityPersister, EntityPersister, JoinedSubclassEntityPersister, SingleTableEntityPersister, UnionSubclassEntityPersister

public interface LazyPropertyInitializer

Contract for controlling how lazy properties get initialized.

Field Summary
static Serializable UNFETCHED_PROPERTY
          Marker value for uninitialized properties
Method Summary
 Object initializeLazyProperty(String fieldName, Object entity, SessionImplementor session)
          Initialize the property, and return its new value

Field Detail


static final Serializable UNFETCHED_PROPERTY
Marker value for uninitialized properties

Method Detail


Object initializeLazyProperty(String fieldName,
                              Object entity,
                              SessionImplementor session)
Initialize the property, and return its new value

fieldName - The name of the field being initialized
entity - The entity on which the initialization is occurring
session - The session from which the initialization originated.

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