Interface Summary
EhcacheHibernateMBeanRegistration Interface for helping registering mbeans for ehcache backed hibernate second-level cache


Class Summary
BeanUtils Reflective utilities for dealing with backward-incompatible change to statistics types in Hibernate 3.5.
CacheRegionUtils CacheRegionUtils
CollectionStats CollectionStats
EhcacheHibernate Implementation of the EhcacheHibernateMBean

EhcacheHibernateMbeanNames Utility class used for getting ObjectName's for ehcache hibernate MBeans

EhcacheHibernateMBeanRegistrationImpl Implementation of EhcacheHibernateMBeanRegistration.
EhcacheStatsImpl Implementation of EhcacheStats

EntityStats When we only support Java 6, all of this OpenMBean scaffolding can be removed in favor or MXBeans.
HibernateStatsImpl Implementation of HibernateStats

NullHibernateStats Implementation of HibernateStats that does nothing

ProviderMBeanRegistrationHelper Helper class for registering mbeans for ehcache backed hibernate second level cache


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