Interface UnaryOperatorExpression<T>

All Superinterfaces:
Expression<T>, Selection<T>, Serializable, TupleElement<T>
All Known Implementing Classes:
IsEmptyPredicate, NullnessPredicate, UnaryArithmeticOperation

public interface UnaryOperatorExpression<T>
extends Expression<T>, Serializable

Contract for operators with a single operand.

Method Summary
 Expression<?> getOperand()
          Get the operand.
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.criteria.Expression
as, in, in, in, in, isNotNull, isNull
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.criteria.Selection
alias, getCompoundSelectionItems, isCompoundSelection
Methods inherited from interface javax.persistence.TupleElement
getAlias, getJavaType

Method Detail


Expression<?> getOperand()
Get the operand.

The operand.

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