Package org.hibernate.ejb.criteria.path

Interface Summary
AbstractFromImpl.JoinScope<X> Helper contract used to define who/what keeps track of joins and fetches made from this FROM.

Class Summary
AbstractFromImpl<Z,X> Convenience base class for various From implementors.
AbstractJoinImpl<Z,X> TODO : javadoc
AbstractPathImpl<X> Convenience base class for various Path implementors.
CollectionAttributeJoin<O,E> TODO : javadoc
ListAttributeJoin<O,E> TODO : javadoc
MapAttributeJoin<O,K,V> TODO : javadoc
MapKeyHelpers MapJoin.key() poses a number of implementation difficulties in terms of the type signatures amongst the MapKeyHelpers.MapKeyPath, Join and Attribute reference at play.
MapKeyHelpers.MapKeyAttribute<K> Defines an Attribute modelling of a map-key.
MapKeyHelpers.MapKeyPath<K> Models a path to a map key.
MapKeyHelpers.MapKeySource<K,V> Defines a Path for the map which can then be used to represent the source of the map key "attribute".
PluralAttributeJoinSupport<O,C,E> Support for defining joins to plural attributes (JPA requires typing based on the specific collection type so we cannot really implement all support in a single class)
PluralAttributePath<X> Models a path for a PluralAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(javax.persistence.metamodel.SingularAttribute) call
RootImpl<X> TODO : javadoc
SetAttributeJoin<O,E> TODO : javadoc
SingularAttributeJoin<Z,X> TODO : javadoc
SingularAttributePath<X> Models a path for a SingularAttribute generally obtained from a Path.get(SingularAttribute) call

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