Class BatchingBatch

  extended by org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.batch.internal.AbstractBatchImpl
      extended by org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.batch.internal.BatchingBatch
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public class BatchingBatch
extends AbstractBatchImpl

A Batch implementation which does bathing based on a given size. Once the batch size is reached for a statement in the batch, the entire batch is implicitly executed.

Constructor Summary
BatchingBatch(BatchKey key, JdbcCoordinator jdbcCoordinator, int batchSize)
Method Summary
 void addToBatch()
          Indicates completion of the current part of the batch.
protected  void doExecuteBatch()
          Perform batch execution.
 PreparedStatement getBatchStatement(String sql, boolean callable)
          Get a statement which is part of the batch, creating if necessary (and storing for next time).
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Constructor Detail


public BatchingBatch(BatchKey key,
                     JdbcCoordinator jdbcCoordinator,
                     int batchSize)
Method Detail


public PreparedStatement getBatchStatement(String sql,
                                           boolean callable)
Description copied from interface: Batch
Get a statement which is part of the batch, creating if necessary (and storing for next time).

Specified by:
getBatchStatement in interface Batch
getBatchStatement in class AbstractBatchImpl
sql - The SQL statement.
callable - Is the SQL statement callable?
The prepared statement instance, representing the SQL statement.


public void addToBatch()
Description copied from interface: Batch
Indicates completion of the current part of the batch.


protected void doExecuteBatch()
Description copied from class: AbstractBatchImpl
Perform batch execution.

This is called from the explicit execution, but may also be called from elsewhere depending on the exact implementation.

Specified by:
doExecuteBatch in class AbstractBatchImpl

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