Package org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.internal

Interface Summary
Formatter Formatter contract

Class Summary
BasicFormatterImpl Performs formatting of basic SQL statements (DML + query).
DDLFormatterImpl Performs formatting of DDL SQL statements.
JdbcCoordinatorImpl Standard Hibernate implementation of JdbcCoordinator

IMPL NOTE : Custom serialization handling!

JdbcResourceRegistryImpl Standard implementation of the JdbcResourceRegistry contract
JdbcServicesImpl Standard implementation of the JdbcServices contract
JdbcServicesInitiator Standard initiator for the standard JdbcServices service
LobCreatorBuilder Builds LobCreator instances based on the capabilities of the environment.
LogicalConnectionImpl Standard Hibernate LogicalConnection implementation

IMPL NOTE : Custom serialization handling!

ResultSetWrapperImpl Standard Hibernate implementation for wrapping a ResultSet in a " column name cache" wrapper.
TypeInfo Models type info extracted from DatabaseMetaData.getTypeInfo()
TypeInfoExtracter Helper to extract type information from JDBC metadata

Enum Summary
FormatStyle Represents the the understood types or styles of formatting.
TypeNullability Describes the instrinsic nullability of a data type as reported by the JDBC driver.
TypeSearchability Describes the searchability of a data type as reported by the JDBC driver.

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