Package org.hibernate.engine.jdbc.spi

Interface Summary
ConnectionObserver An observer of logical connection events.
ExtractedDatabaseMetaData Information extracted from DatabaseMetaData regarding what the JDBC driver reports as being supported or not.
InvalidatableWrapper<T> Specialized JdbcWrapper contract for wrapped objects that can additioanlly be invalidated
JdbcConnectionAccess Provides centralized access to JDBC connections.
JdbcCoordinator Coordinates JDBC-related activities.
JdbcResourceRegistry Defines a registry of JDBC resources related to a particular unit of work.
JdbcServices Contract for services around JDBC operations.
JdbcWrapper<T> Generic contract for wrapped JDBC objects.
LogicalConnection LogicalConnection contract
LogicalConnectionImplementor The "internal" contract for LogicalConnection
NonDurableConnectionObserver Additional optional contract for connection observers to indicate that they should be released when the physical connection is released.
ResultSetWrapper Contract for wrapping a ResultSet in a "column name cache" wrapper.
SchemaNameResolver Contract for resolving the schema of a Connection.
SqlExceptionHelper.WarningHandler Contract for handling warnings
StatementPreparer Contracting for preparing SQL statements

Class Summary
SqlExceptionHelper Helper for handling SQLExceptions in various manners.
SqlExceptionHelper.WarningHandlerLoggingSupport Basic support for SqlExceptionHelper.WarningHandler implementations which log
SqlStatementLogger Centralize logging for SQL statements.

Enum Summary

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