Package org.hibernate.engine.transaction.spi

Interface Summary
IsolationDelegate Contract for performing work in a manner that isolates it from any current transaction.
SynchronizationRegistry Manages a registry of Synchronizations.
TransactionContext Access to services needed in the context of processing transaction requests.
TransactionCoordinator Acts as the coordinator between the Hibernate engine and physical transactions.
TransactionEnvironment Provides access to transactional services.
TransactionFactory<T extends TransactionImplementor> Contract for transaction creation, as well as providing metadata and contextual information about that creation.
TransactionImplementor Additional contract for implementors of the Hibernate Transaction API.
TransactionObserver Observer of internal transaction events.

Class Summary
AbstractTransactionImpl Abstract support for creating transaction implementations

Enum Summary
JoinStatus See the JPA notion of joining a transaction for details.
LocalStatus Enumeration of statuses in which a local transaction facade (Transaction) might be.

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