Class EntityInstantiator

  extended by org.hibernate.envers.entities.EntityInstantiator

public class EntityInstantiator
extends Object

Constructor Summary
EntityInstantiator(AuditConfiguration verCfg, AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader)
Method Summary
 void addInstancesFromVersionsEntities(String entityName, Collection addTo, List<Map> versionsEntities, Number revision)
 Object createInstanceFromVersionsEntity(String entityName, Map versionsEntity, Number revision)
          Creates an entity instance based on an entry from the versions table.
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Constructor Detail


public EntityInstantiator(AuditConfiguration verCfg,
                          AuditReaderImplementor versionsReader)
Method Detail


public Object createInstanceFromVersionsEntity(String entityName,
                                               Map versionsEntity,
                                               Number revision)
Creates an entity instance based on an entry from the versions table.

entityName - Name of the entity, which instances should be read
versionsEntity - An entry in the versions table, from which data should be mapped.
revision - Revision at which this entity was read.
An entity instance, with versioned properties set as in the versionsEntity map, and proxies created for collections.


public void addInstancesFromVersionsEntities(String entityName,
                                             Collection addTo,
                                             List<Map> versionsEntities,
                                             Number revision)

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