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Packages that use RevisionDoesNotExistException

Uses of RevisionDoesNotExistException in org.hibernate.envers

Methods in org.hibernate.envers that throw RevisionDoesNotExistException
<T> T
AuditReader.findRevision(Class<T> revisionEntityClass, Number revision)
          A helper method; should be used only if a custom revision entity is used.
 Date AuditReader.getRevisionDate(Number revision)
          Get the date, at which a revision was created.
 Number AuditReader.getRevisionNumberForDate(Date date)
          Gets the revision number, that corresponds to the given date.

Uses of RevisionDoesNotExistException in org.hibernate.envers.reader

Methods in org.hibernate.envers.reader that throw RevisionDoesNotExistException
<T> T
AuditReaderImpl.findRevision(Class<T> revisionEntityClass, Number revision)
 Date AuditReaderImpl.getRevisionDate(Number revision)

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