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Packages that use FlushEvent
org.hibernate.event.internal This package defines a default set of event listeners that implements the default behaviors of Hibernate. 

Uses of FlushEvent in org.hibernate.event.internal

Methods in org.hibernate.event.internal with parameters of type FlushEvent
protected  void AbstractFlushingEventListener.flushEverythingToExecutions(FlushEvent event)
          Coordinates the processing necessary to get things ready for executions as db calls by preping the session caches and moving the appropriate entities and collections to their respective execution queues.
 void DefaultFlushEventListener.onFlush(FlushEvent event)
          Handle the given flush event.

Uses of FlushEvent in org.hibernate.event.spi

Subclasses of FlushEvent in org.hibernate.event.spi
 class AutoFlushEvent
          Defines an event class for the auto-flushing of a session.
 class DirtyCheckEvent
          Defines an event class for the dirty-checking of a session.

Methods in org.hibernate.event.spi with parameters of type FlushEvent
 void FlushEventListener.onFlush(FlushEvent event)
          Handle the given flush event.

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